5-way major road stop in Woodbrook?

THE EDITOR: I chose to elaborate on this independently as it needs special attention.

The intersection in Woodbrook at the corners of Rosalino, Warren and Roberts Streets, in spite of having the necessary white lines on the ground, is evidently still confusing drivers. It is in effect a five-way intersection and I’m willing to bet unlike any other in the city.

Motorists coming up Rosalino towards Tragarete Road must stop at Warren Street and those travelling east on Warren heading to Rosalino must also stop, yet most drivers do not. That’s certainly an accident in the making.

Further to this, any driver travelling east on Roberts Street must, on reaching Rosalino Street, only stop but turn left towards Tragarete Road and should not proceed straight ahead, which some drivers do.

Sounds complicated? Well it should because it is. Some proper signage or a review of the whole confusing triple intersection is suggested. Don’t believe me? Then check it out.




"5-way major road stop in Woodbrook?"

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