Wearing a mask can save your life


THE EDITOR: In the fight against the covid19 virus, the most important weapon in our armory is the vaccine. However, it is quite apparent that many of our citizens, for whatever reason, are reluctant to take the vaccine.

Some are vaccine hesitant while others are anti-vaxxers. No effort should be spared in getting such people to recognise the deadly risk to themselves, their families, friends, colleagues and other people with whom they may come into contact by taking such a stance.

Nevertheless, it is critically important that all our citizens recognise that whether or not they are vaccinated, they can reduce their risks considerably by strictly adhering to some of the other health protocols/guidelines, chief among which are wearing a mask, physical distancing and sanitising hands.

I have heard so many people say, “I do not know how I got this virus, I did all the right things.” However, when you speak with them you realise they were negligent with regard to the wearing of masks.

Any situation where you are not wearing a mask, in close proximity to others, is very risky business, whether or not they are family members.

The wearing of a properly designed and fitted mask is absolutely essential.

I know of three separate instances that resulted in the death of elderly relatives with comorbidities because five or six members of a household sat around a table together to share a family meal, obviously unmasked. In the era of covid19, such activities can have deadly consequences. We must remember that fact with the Christmas season upon us.

Two or more unmasked individuals sharing a bed or other sleeping accommodation in close proximity to each other is also very risky. But what then must a husband and wife do? Just a few days ago an elderly friend of mine’s, who was fully vaccinated but had a comorbidity that severely affected his immune system, died from covid19. The source was his much younger wife.

We have to be very alert when we venture into lunchrooms, restrooms, etc, either at work or in other public places where masks come off and, consequently, there is a much higher risk of contracting the virus from others.

Bars and restaurants might be considered, legally, to be safe zones, but unmasked patrons and staff can still contract and transmit the covid19 virus, especially to their unvaccinated relatives, friends and others with whom they come into contact with deadly consequences.

Many people draw comfort in the fact that they do not attend zesser parties. However, in our culture it is almost routine to have four or five neighbours “buss a lime” with us in our gallery/verandah/porch/garage after work. During such encounters we all have to remove our masks in order to eat and drink. Yet another opportunity for covid19 to deliver a deadly blow.

Neighbours talk to each other over the fence occasionally in very close proximity to each other, especially as the information they are sharing is usually sensitive/confidential. They talk in whispers. Even if they are wearing masks, which is not usually the case, they are not observing the minimum distance for physical distancing under the relevant covid19 protocol. In fact, quite often one neighbour is in her yard unmasked when another unmasked neighbour beckons her to come to the fence to share some juicy gossip.

People, please take heed, your very lives may be at stake.


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"Wearing a mask can save your life"

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