Offer booster shots; forget unvaccinated

Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh - SUREASH CHOLAI
Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh - SUREASH CHOLAI

THE EDITOR: Unlike the experts at the Ministry of Health, I am no mathematician but I find the official vaccination figures somewhat confusing. The Minister of Health is on record stating that the country has administered over one million doses of vaccines.

The official ministry update of November 19 showed that 636,097 people have received a first dose of a two-dose regimen and 633,341 people have completed the vaccination regimen. When those people with the first dose receive their second dose that will bring the total number who have completed the vaccination regimen to 1,269,438. If my rudimentary calculation is correct, that is approximately 90 per cent of the population.

Therefore my questions to the ministry are:

Are people refusing to return for their second vaccine dose?

If they are, why are we using so much time and resources on the ten per cent who may never be convinced to be vaccinated?

Maybe it is time for the Government to refocus on the segment of the population that has tried to avoid serious illness and death and helped to restart the economy by getting vaccinated. If vaccine doses are available, consider offering booster shots to all who are willing to accept them.


Chase Village


"Offer booster shots; forget unvaccinated"

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