Rowley appeals to citizens: Get vaccinated

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - SUREASH CHOLAI
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - SUREASH CHOLAI

THE Prime Minister has again appealed to citizens to take personal responsibility for their well-being as the country grapples with the ongoing effects of covid19 pandemic.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health reported that a child was among a record daily number of 28 people to die of covid19, since the outbreak of the pandemic in TT in March 2020. Their deaths took the number of people to succumb to the virus as of Saturday, to 1,947.

The deceased were 13 elderly men, eight elderly women, five middle-aged men, one middle-aged woman and one child.

The ministry said 20 people had comorbidities while eight had no known medical conditions. Tobago’s covid19 death toll stands at 109.

Speaking at the Mason Hall Secondary School on Saturday night, Dr Rowley lamented the huge loss of life at the hands of the virus.

“Today (Saturday), in fact, the reports are that we had the largest number of citizens dying in a day from the pandemic – 28 people - and in fact the virus is still raging throughout the world, through Europe and the United States and, of course, through the Caribbean.”

He told supporters covid19 is still a cause for concern.

“We are not out of it but we are, in fact, choosing to fight to survive and all I can say to you tonight on this platform is the most important admonition I can give you, protect yourself from this virus. Get vaccinated. The vaccines are the only response that can give us any improvement in our physical condition to escape the ravages of the virus.”

Rowley, who recently had his third shot of the Sinopharm vaccine, said Trinidad and Tobago’s leadership has never had to deal with such a health threat.

“Something that has not been the experience of any group of persons, no leadership in the history of this nation has ever had the responsibility of guiding our affairs in a pandemic. This is indeed a very unique situation.”

He urged citizens to continue to adhere to the covid19 public health regulations.

“Follow the health guidelines as you are spaced out here, as you mask and as you sanitise. Do so with a vengeance in the purpose of protecting your lives. We are losing lives. So, we are defending livelihoods and lives.

“Whatever happens going forward, just remember that you have a personal responsibility during this pandemic as you have a responsibility to defend Tobago from those who would lead us astray.”


"Rowley appeals to citizens: Get vaccinated"

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