Murder suspect has covid19, cops to go into quarantine

File photo.
File photo.

SEVERAL Southern Division police officers are expected to go into quarantine after a murder suspect who was kept at the Ste Madeleine police station, tested positive for covid19.

On Saturday night, officers at the Manahambre Road station got confirmation that the suspect, 33, had the virus.

Police arrested him on November 17, at a camp in a forested area at New Lands, Guayaguayare in connection with the cutlass attack in New Grant that left two relatives dead and two others injured.

"Some prisoners were in the cell with him, and they went to court, so they were primary contacts too and did not know. So far, none of the officers are showing signs or symptoms of covid. But this is serious, and we cannot take any chances with the virus," an officer said.

The suspect remained at the station up to Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, Homicide Bureau Region III police were expected to submit a file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice on the double homicide. Once charged, the suspect is expected to face a Princes Town magistrate.

On November 7, Monica Jagroop, 35, and her brother-in-law Anterro "Mamoo" McQueen, 42, were hacked to death at Farmer Trace in New Grant.

Jagroop’s sister and McQueen’s wife Indra, 42, and their father Manickchand Jagroop, 72, a pensioner, were also chopped but survived. Indra’s left hand was severed but doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital were successful in reattaching it.


"Murder suspect has covid19, cops to go into quarantine"

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