PNM's Adams: I'll push doors open for youths

PNM candidate for Mt St George/Goodwood, Charles Adams              -
PNM candidate for Mt St George/Goodwood, Charles Adams -

ENGAGING the youths of Mt St George/ Goodwood in skills training is a priority for PNM candidate in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections, Charles Adams.

At a political meeting in Hope on Wednesday, Adams, an employee of the Water and Sewerage Authority, said he has no regrets over jumping into the political ring thus far.

“The walkabouts that I’ve had were very, very encouraging.”

He said: “We must encourage the youths in training – training programmes to get the youths going. There are a lot of youths, I see a lot of potential and talent within the community. (It's) just that many of the...youths are not aware of the way forward, they’re not aware of that potential and talent that they have, and if I can push the door open with my fellow members in the assembly, if I can push those doors open, I know a lot will come out to the benefit of these young ones. They would see their true potential, achieve and take not just Tobago forward, but Trinidad and Tobago.”

He said among the elderly, he is interested in continuing the work of giving service to the seniors and the differently abled.

“They must not be left behind. They must be part of the process going forward together. If Tobago has to realise its true potential, which it is well on the way (to doing) with the PNM, we will have to take our seniors and the differently abled forward with us.”

Endorsing Adams’ candidacy, candidate for Bacolet/ Bagatelle Joel Jack said similar to the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), the PNM would like to see change.

“We want a change that would take us from where we are to the next level.

“What you need now, in the midst of this crisis, is an experienced hand – leadership you can trust, leadership with a proven track record, a party that has transformed this island since 2001 to now. What you need is the PNM to be in government for the next four years.”

He said the PNM is not interested in fighting with any other entity but in developing partnerships that work.

“You want a partner in Trinidad that when you say, 'To enhance our Tobago tourism product, we need an international airport,' that partner will say, 'If that is what you want, Tobago will get.' You need a partner that says. 'We need to facilitate interisland commerce and to foster entrepreneurial activities, especially in the agricultural sector, so we’re ensuring you have two brand-new fast ferries.'

"But people want us to forget because in 2010-2015, when we had the largest budget in history – $65 billion – we got nothing from the UNC, the partners of the PDP. They gave us nothing.”


"PNM’s Adams: I’ll push doors open for youths"

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