De Postman delivers Party Nice soca song

Sherwin "De Postman" Rogers has released a new soca single titled Party song. -

Sherwin "De Postman" Rogers has a released a new single titled Party Nice.

Rogers has been living in the US for over 30 years but has remained patriotic to Trinidad and Tobago, said a media release

Since the late 90s he has been knocking on the doors of radio stations, delivering soca tracks religiously and has over 50 singles to his credit, the release said.

Rogers, who is dubbed "The Coast to Coast man," said he has released songs like Riot, which kick-started his career, and others like Fetterholic and Spread Out.

Following a hiatus that saw Rogers become a certified plumber in the US, and the release of the song, Yes Everybody Matters in the summer of 2020, he has followed up with Party Nice with which he hopes to make further inroads toward 2022.

The new single came to Rogers after he secured a beat by Rapid Beats out of St Lucia. “I’d been on a job and while working, I got the melody for the beat. It definitely had a vibe and I was excited to lay it down in studio,” he said in the release.

The release said Rogers' time away from music allowed him to do a lot of self-introspection, and with that has come a greater awareness of his calling – his love for music.


"De Postman delivers Party Nice soca song"

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