Cops nab New Grant murder suspect in Guayaguayare


The suspect in the cutlass attack in New Grant that left two relatives dead and two others injured has been arrested.

Police arrested the 33-year-old construction worker at a camp in a forested area at New Lands, Guayaguayare, around 7 pm on Wednesday after getting a tip-off about his whereabouts.

He had a cutlass, which the police seized. They were unable to confirm if the weapon was the one used in the attack at Farmer Trace in New Grant.

Southern Division Task Force, Homicide and Mayaro police held a joint exercise which led to the suspect’s arrest.

Homicide Bureau Region III police were expected to interview him.

During an attack on November 7, four relatives were chopped. Monica Jagroop, 35, and her brother-in-law Anterro Kenneth Mc Queen, 42, died on the spot.

Jagroop’s sister (Mc Queen’s wife) Indra, 42, and their father Manickchand Jagroop, 72, a pensioner, were injured in the attack.

Over the weekend, Manickchand Jagroop was discharged from the San Fernando General Hospital. Indra, the mother of two, remained hospitalised. Her left hand was severed, but doctors reattached it.

On Tuesday, Monica was cremated under Hindu rites at the Shore of Peace Cremation Site (Mosquito Creek) in La Romaine.

Neither survivor attended the small funeral.

Four days earlier, on Friday, Mc Queen was buried at the St Clement’s cemetery after a service at Bethany Independent Baptist Church in Ste Madeleine.

Police investigators believe the attack stemmed from a land dispute. But some relatives believe he was drunk, and others that his actions resulted from two rituals involving an animal sacrifice.


"Cops nab New Grant murder suspect in Guayaguayare"

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