Cops: Lengua suspect kidnaps man, demands $1,000 ransom

File photo.
File photo.

A man is expected to be charged with several offences connected to the kidnapping of a 40-year-old mason in the Barrackpore district over the weekend.

A police report said around at around 9.30 pm on Sunday, the victim was at his St Croix Road home when two men called out to him by name. He went outside, and they bundled him into a car and drove off.

The men took him to a house along the same road. and demanded money. They also ordered him to call a relative and ask for $1,000 for his safe release.

Police were called in and Sgt Parasram, Cpl Suliman and other officers from the Barrackpore station responded. Princes Town police and members of the Emergency Response Patrol unit also helped to search for the victim.

Within two hours, police detained the suspect from Lengua Road, in the Princes Town district, while another escaped.

The suspect is expected to be charged with kidnapping for ransom, false imprisonment and demanding money by menace.

Cpl Suliman is leading investigations.

Once charged, the suspect will face a Princes Town magistrate virtually.


"Cops: Lengua suspect kidnaps man, demands $1,000 ransom"

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