Bishops/Trinity East chairman: Everything under control

CHAIRMAN of the board for Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East Dr Stephen Sheppard said administration at the school have sanitised and followed all health protocols following four confirmed covid19 cases at the school earlier this week.

Speaking to Newsday by phone, Sheppard said while janitorial staff sanitise the school daily, they took the extra step of closing the compound for deeper sanitisation.

“It wasn’t necessary to close the school because we clean every day…but for parents’ comfort we did…and it gave us some time to do contact tracing.”

He said the four positive cases are all members of staff and so far, no student has tested positive. He said the school received no call from concerned parents over the incident. Instead, he said, everyone’s concern is for the health and safety of those affected.

He said while the school was closed for cleaning, classes continued virtually. “Life goes on…some of the teachers continued teaching from home.”

The school does not discriminate against those who are vaccinated and those who are not, but said the country is not in a good place as people are still refusing to vaccinate.

“The death rate is high (and) that is not good. We work with the health authorities, and we strictly follow their recommendations. If you go to our school, you will see every single protocol being adhered to.”

In a letter obtained by Newsday on Wednesday, parents of the school were informed of the members of staff who tested positive.

It said, “In keeping with the ministries of health and education protocols for schools, principals immediately contacted the district nurse assigned to the St George East Educational District and the School Supervisor III to be guided on necessary protocols.”

Sheppard said school will resume on Friday.


"Bishops/Trinity East chairman: Everything under control"

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