Trinidad and Tobago companies exhibit at China import expo

Angostura rums are on show at the 4th Annual China International Import Expo.
Angostura rums are on show at the 4th Annual China International Import Expo.

Ten Trinidad and Tobago export companies are participating in the 4th Annual China International Import Expo (CIIE), in which they seek to foster trade relations between both countries.

A press release from the Ministry of Trade and Industry said the exhibition began on November 5 and will conclude on November 10.

The largest and most innovative platform in the world strengthens international cooperation in trade and investment and is an important tool through which countries and exporters can build and re-establish trade links with China.

Speaking virtually at the inauguration of the Trinidad and Tobago booth at the Business Physical Exhibition, Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon said: “The past year and a half have been challenging, especially for trade, as production has scaled back and supply chains have been obstructed across the globe. If the economic recovery from the covid19 crisis is to be resilient and long-lasting, a return to ‘business as usual’ must be avoided."

"Central to this new approach is the expected focus on wellness and inclusion, and finding a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability, and competition and collaboration.

"Participation in this event is critical, not only for firms to enter and expand into the Chinese market, but also for government representatives, export promoters, innovators and business people to exchange ideas and experiences, negotiate deals and new opportunities, and discover new consumers and markets across the globe.

Gopee-Scoon was pleased to acknowledge the efforts of First Caribbean Marketing Company in facilitating the representation of a wide range of TT goods at the exhibition.

The companies and products being showcased in the booth include KC Confectionery (KC Candy/sweets); Chief Brands Products (seasonings, spices, pepper sauces); CGA Ltd (infused coconut oils); Angostura Ltd (rums); RHS Marketing Ltd (BBQ sauces and seasonings); Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Cooperative (chocolate and cocoa powder); Multicrop Facility Ltd (dark and medium roast ground); Diamond Miracle Creations Ltd (herbal teas) and Totalee Tastee (pepper sauce) and Twigs Naturals (assortment of natural teas), which is also a participant of exporTT’s Export Booster Accelerator Programme.

Additionally, TT’s participation in the Online Country Exhibition showcases key sectors, unique and high-quality products, culture and tourism.

Some of the key state enterprises exhibiting to the Chinese market include National Gas Company, Caribbean Airlines, Lake Asphalt and Heritage Petroleum.

The release said: “The beautiful scenery, delicious food and diverse culture shown in the pavilion, will definitely attract more Chinese people to know TT, buy TT’s products and visit TT after the pandemic.”

On behalf of the China International Import Expo, Chinese liaison Zhen Bin said: “We believe the CIIE will be an important platform for enhancing bilateral relationship and expanding TT’s export to China.”

At the launch, the Orient International Holding Corporation Ltd, a comprehensive partner of the CIIE and a major importer and distributor in Shanghai, signed an intended purchase agreement with First Caribbean Marketing Co Ltd for shipment of TT products; a promising arrangement that bodes well, for future export opportunities.

This event show trade relations between TT and China continue to remain strong throughout the years.

"The Government is committed to continuously expanding the range of export products and services to China, to penetrate niche consumer segments that are open to new and exciting products and experiences," said the release.

The virtual experience can be accessed on the official CIIE website .


"Trinidad and Tobago companies exhibit at China import expo"

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