Augustine promises to make Tobago more affordable

PDP's Farley Augustine  - Assembly Legislature
PDP's Farley Augustine - Assembly Legislature

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) deputy leader Farley Augustine has promised to make Tobago affordable to the average citizen if his party is elected into power on December 6.

Augustine, the PDP's choice for chief secretary, was speaking on Sunday during a PDP virtual campaign meeting.

The Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside candidate has been advocating for greater opportunities for young people to own land.

Augustine said the political landscape in Tobago has to change for a better future.

Under a PDP administration, Augustine said the culture of Tobagonians migrating and only returning home when it is time to retire would change.

“As of midnight on that morning of December 7, we’ll be waiting with ring and robe for you and we’ll be welcoming every prodigal daughter and every prodigal son and we’ll be saying to you: rock and come een, let us fix Tobago.

"Leh we fix Tobago and make it a better place," Augustine said, "because the Tobago I dream of is a Tobago where you can afford to live; it is a Tobago where you can afford to build a home; it is a Tobago where you can afford a piece of land; it is a Tobago where you can live with a nice view and it should not only be once in a while when you save up some money to go by some rich man house to rent a villa, you should be able to live like that on a daily basis – this is Tobago.”

Augustine called on Tobagonians to "make Tobago the greatest little island on the planet.

"So let us work together. We have just three to four weeks remaining, let us work together, let us fix this and make Tobago great.”

Also speaking on Sunday was PDP candidate Niall George who lamented the lack of proper representation on the island.

George, who is vying for the Plymouth/ Black Rock seat, said: “When I say representation, I mean proper representation – I don’t mean electing officials for them to neglect you and then three months before an election again, they busy fixing things left, right and centre.

"That is not a three-month job, that is a four-year job in the THA.”

George said Tobago is a democratic state with a government of representatives, noting that each and every citizen's opinion must count.

“In the new Plymouth/ Black Rock seat, if you choose Niall George that is exactly the kind of representation you would get.”

PDP candidate for Bethesda/ Golden Lane, Zorisha Hackett, in her address said that the island’s political dream can only be fulfilled by those who have the will to do so.

“When you have a political organisation only focused on winning elections and not truly focused on bringing this island up to par with the development we see across the waters, then we would get exactly what we’re seeing now – a failure to highlight what they’ve accomplished over 21 years of governance and an unhealthy obsession with (PDP leader) Watson (Duke) and (PDP deputy) Farley (Augustine), both of whom are yet to sit in the seat of (national) governance.”


"Augustine promises to make Tobago more affordable"

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