Bermuda half-siblings lose appeal over Trinidadian’s murder

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A PAIR of Bermuda siblings who were convicted of the 2006 murder of Trinidadian Marcus Gibbings have had their convictions upheld by the Court of Appeal, Bermuda’s Royal Gazette reported on Monday.

Katrina Burgess and her half-brother Cleveland Rogers were found guilty last year of the premeditated murder of Gibbings –Burgess’s ex-boyfriend.

Gibbings was found dead in an apartment on Derwent Lane, Devonshire Parish on October 26, 2006. An autopsy revealed he had been stabbed multiple times, once in the face and twice in the chest, one of which pierced his heart.

Gibbings shared the apartment with Burgess until weeks before the murder, but was in the process of moving out.

The report said prosecutors alleged that Burgess paid Rogers $5,000 to kill Gibbings after he cheated on her and ended their relationship.

The trial also heard evidence from two witnesses – both former girlfriends of Rogers – who testified that he had confessed to the murder.

The Supreme Court jury found Rogers and Burgess guilty of premeditated murder and they were sentenced to serve at least 25 years in jail.

During the appeal, Rogers and Burgess argued that the jury had been rushed.

They also argued that their cases should have been tried separately, the report said, because the “confession evidence” against Rogers would taint the case against Burgess.


"Bermuda half-siblings lose appeal over Trinidadian’s murder"

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