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NOVEMBER fifth, Guy Fawkes Day in yuh nen-nen, the anniversary of when that fella Guy did try to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, and is only this morning Y’Boy figure out what went so wrong Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that he lie in he bed and watch out the window until nearly 3 am, in the morning, as we like to tautologise.

Y’Boy on he one, the Madam visiting the chirren-them in Lawn-Don, and is long days of household chores and long nights of Community for Y’Boy since she gone.

But Tuesday night, Y’Boy mind was so alert in he bed, he coulda field for West Indies at silly mid-on without a helmet; but then, on the evidence of the T20 World Cup, Y’Boy coulda field for West Indies while he was asleep, too. And bowl. And bat – and have a good chance of top-scoring. You call a West Indian a allrounder nowadays becaw he cyar bat, bowl or field neither.

Is Guy Fawkes Day explain why Y’Boy lose sleep Tuesday night: through modern politics, which clearly ent change all that much since 1605, when London police catch the old Guy under the House of Lords with gunpowder and thing. More than 400 years later, the day is still he one, even though Guy Fawkes coulda well be innocent.

Now Y’Boy footy well know it have no guilty men in any prison. And Y’Boy understand them same American white supremacists who storm the Capitol would claim to be – and, disturbingly, actually see they-self as – freedom fighters.

Y’Boy done know that the USA is so riven, you could hardly talk ’bout “American society” any more, becaw it probably ent have none.

And Y’Boy remember two thing Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher, say: 1. It have no such thing as society (Trini translation); and 2. I want 50 men chasing one job.

This is the world we live in.

Is the same old-same old sociopolitical bacchanal that Marie Antoinette did sleep through in the earlies of the French Revolution in 1789 that did keep Y’Boy awake on Tuesday night: Y’Boy was unconsciously waiting for the result of the Virginia gubernatorial election.

And, mussee close to 3 o’clock Wednesday morning Y’Boy phone ping with the news of the cut-ar-- for the Democrats.

And, at last, Y’Boy yawn.

As John Cleese say in the movie, Clockwise, is not the despair, is the hope does kill you (Trini translation.)

Earlier, even though Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley hold up the West Indian end real strong, the most memorable line of her interview with Christiane Amanpour came from Christiane: in the Caribbean, the most popular American news show is That Firetrucker Carlson.

BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera all come free in basic cable – but you have to pay premium for the propaganda and near-insane disinformation of Fox News.

And Fox News is the trusted – and, disturbingly, the admired – information source of the West Indian ruling sector.

And you have to call them ruling sector becaw them ent have not one piece of class.

And Guy Fawkes Day have to dawn for Y’Boy to remember that the whole point of America is not to liberate anybody one firetruck.

Is to make sure that it always will have a teeming underclass who only purpose is to make sure it could have billionaires. They can’t afford to teach CRT in schools today because Americans would realise is a con going on ever since: the US is the only rich country without universal healthcare and family leave to mind newborn babies.

And the greatest trick of rich Americans is to get poor ones to vote against their own interest. John Steinbeck, the great writer, say that, in America, poor people doesn’t see they-self as poor, but as “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” The American Dream is the real Big Lie. And Y’Boy realise that, in these never-changing times in which we does live in, the onliest time Y’Boy would sleep good is when he firetrucking dead, oui.

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"Guy Firetrucks Day"

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