Time to pass the political torch

THE EDITOR: There comes a time in life when we all need to do some deep soul-searching and realise it is time to move on.

Nothing lasts forever in any sphere or field of endeavour and there is always the need to move on and let younger hands take hold of the wheel.

This holds true for the political arena. Politicians should never allow power to possess them to the point where they feel their office or position, though elected, is theirs by divine right. Politicians must know when their race is done and it's time to pass the torch on to someone else.

There is no shame in admitting that the race is finished and you've run your course. There is nothing wrong in calling it a day. There is nothing wrong in taking time for introspection and there is nothing wrong in listening to the views of those you were elected to serve whether in Government or in Opposition.

It is my personal view that the time has come when the executive and base membership of our two major political parties need to look at their leadership with the future in mind. My objective here is not to criticise any party or any political leader but to suggest that there is need for continuity, there is need for fresh ideas and new faces.

Both the PNM and the UNC need to bring new people on board with fresh ideas that can pump new life and zeal into our politics which for too long has stagnated after being aided by complacency that is rooted in feelings of permanency in office. Our country needs new ideas and a new direction.

Politicians need to understand that youth are our future and we need to bring in fresh blood and new ideas into the politics so as to train and prepare youths for leadership roles in our politics. Failure to do so would see a recycling of old ideas and our politics going around in circles.

I remain convinced that there are people out there with fresh, bold ideas who only need the right opportunity and space.




"Time to pass the political torch"

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