House theatrics very instructive

THE EDITOR: I viewed the theatre in the Red House last week and took it very seriously.

To me, it was very instructive as to the extent of internal collapse of the protagonists, and their desperate attempts to be relevant in their fight for survival in a political system crumbling all around them.

In all this, they continue to hide behind a Constitution which has failed to protect the masses from the ravages of the very political parties which have, since 1962, savaged the public purse with impunity.

The same Constitution which has failed to arrest the degeneration of our society into political ethnic camps, promoted by the collective group of thespians in last Thursday's theatre in the House of the elite.

The governing superstructure inherited from the British and honed into a fine art by the production houses of both the PNM and the UNC has brought us to this juncture.

They have long seduced our people into believing that Parliament is the place of the business of the people when in fact, the role of the people is relegated to a few minutes in a poll booth every five years, in order to elect the elite to address the needs of the elite in what has evolved to be the house of the elite.

The combined theatrics exhibited last Thursday were not only insulting to our collective intelligence, but laid bare to the masses on the ground, who in the scheme of things generally don't count, that the political survival of both incompetent political parties supersedes the unity, growth and development of our country left in tatters by these marauders.

There is no doubt in my mind that beyond the attendant sycophants of both production houses, the thinking people of Trinidad and Tobago have not been fooled and will accordingly respond in due course.




"House theatrics very instructive"

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