Do not make our children suffer

THE EDITOR: Does this government ever think through its decisions?

The mandate to send all forms 4-6 students back to school has some dents. One does not know what is the total population of children in forms 4-6.

However, according to a news release from the Ministry of Education, dated September 20, 2021, "31,393 of our students wrote CXC exams again in July." Those would be students in Form 5.

If we extrapolate, for example, one can approximate a student population of 80,000 in Forms 4-6. Form 6 may have significantly less. From the 80,000, assume that about 40,000 have to travel.

The current covid19 limit on transportation, according to Legal Notice 249, Schedule 3, Regulation 8, page 1061, dated October 7, 2021, states that for public transportation, by maxi-taxi, only the window seats can be occupied. This is in effect from October 8 until November 29.

For a 25-seater maxi-taxi, it means that only 15 seats can be occupied. This averages to be about a 60% capacity.

Taxi drivers with cars can carry no more than 75 per cent capacity. Thus, a taxi licensed for five passengers can carry a maximum of 3.75 people. Buses are at 75 per cent capacity as well.

Given these restrictions, several of the 40,000 children who have to travel, may find themselves reaching to school very late.

When this is added to the public servants, who will be required to work, in full, from November, one can foresee a significant disadvantage to the travelling children.

What will happen when forms 1-3 students return to schools in January?

Will the government raise the limits for taxis, maxi-taxis and buses back to 100 per cent capacity? Or will our children suffer at the hands of decision-makers, who do not travel by buses, taxis or maxi-taxis?




"Do not make our children suffer"

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