And the protests continue


“The bathroom dry

The pipeline burst

Water gone! Water gone!

Is a human cry and it getting worse,

WASA give me some water

Leh we quench we thirst!”

When I saw protests by villagers, all over the country, for better roads and a reliable water supply, I said to myself, this is madness.

The lyrics at the start of my letter, were written by Lord Kitchener in the 1970s, reflecting on the water crisis in the country back then.

Fast track to 2021, and nothing it seems, has changed.

Friends, this is almost half century! Add to that a debt in the billions supposedly spent on improving the water supply, yet taxpayers are still begging for water in many areas throughout the country.

Remember, water is the most essential commodity in sustaining life. All the money that was loaned, I can’t see where it was spent. Were things really done in the public's interest? I don’t think so.

I am not one for violent protest, but when you have objected peacefully for 50 years without any significant change, what is next? I shudder to answer.

Restaurant owners risk huge fines and possible jail for not obeying the new directions of entertaining only vaccinated patrons, but, up to now, not a single utilities minister has been called to account for 50 years of torture suffered by the public at large, while they continued to enjoy the good life.

I always give credit where credit is due. I say to you now, let all those who took credit for achieving our independence, for attaining republican status, for free secondary education, also take credit for inflicting this pain and torment on the nation.

Here's a little piece of advice for our politicians: if and when you pray at night, ask the Lord to help you be honest to yourself and to others.

As long as you are sincere in your prayers, two things will happen – you either leave politics or change the way you govern.




"And the protests continue"

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