Marcel ravine bridge falling apart

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: Please allow me space in your daily newspaper to publish a matter of public concern.

At the 70 kilometre mark on the Paria Main Road in Matelot, there is a wooden bridge spanning the Marcel ravine which has been weather beaten to its core and in which are gaping holes along its causeway.

The Ministry of Works and Transport used 100mm mora planks at its base during its construction several years ago. Those wooden planks are now rotted with large holes exposing the danger to motorists particularly at nights.

Traffic could be disrupted if the ministry fails to replace these rotted planks soon. Motorists have to exercise extreme caution to get across this bridge to avoid their wheels falling into the many holes on the platform. I write to ask if something can be done in terms of remedial works or replacing this bridge which is clearly past its expiry date.




"Marcel ravine bridge falling apart"

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