Chandler arrested in boat lime enquiry

Christian Chandler -
Christian Chandler -

Christian Chandler, head of the police legal services unit, was arrested at his Maraval home on Wednesday evening.

Chandler and three police officers who were part of his security detail,were all arrested just after 6 pm.

The arrests came after investigations stemming from a police report that a pleasure vessel owned by Chandler had eight women and six men on board near Pier 1, Chaguaramas, just after 8 pm on August 5.

Those on the vessel were escorted to Staubles Bay by the Coast Guard and handed over to police. They were all released that night without charge.

Chandler, who is on leave, is one of 13 who were being probed for allegedly breaching the public health regulations in August.

Chandler, his security detail and some of the women who were on his yatch at the time of the alleged offence were arrested and will be interviewed this week.

The initial investigation was stopped and a new investigator appointed less than a month ago.

The Public Health Regulations make it an offence to be at a beach or on a boat for recreational purposes. The offence carries a $250,000 fine or six months' imprisonment.


"Chandler arrested in boat lime enquiry"

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