Safe zone bar owner resumes business after providing proof of vaccination

An unidentified safe zone bar owner resumed business after being investigated by police when he was unable to provide proof of vaccination on October 11.

In a brief phone interview, St Andrews/St David county medical officer of health Dr Allana Quamina-Best told Newsday that the police visited the bar the following day and the bar owner was able to provide his proof of vaccination.

During the Ministry of Health’s covid19 briefing on October 13, Quamina-Best said health inspectors were visiting safe zone businesses when they encountered the bar owner who was unable to present his vaccination card.

She said, at the time, the matter was referred to the TTPS for a follow-up. The police visited the bar owner the following day and he provided his proof of vaccination.

In the press conference, Quamina-Best reminded businesses to display their safe zone certificated at the entrance of their establishments.


"Safe zone bar owner resumes business after providing proof of vaccination"

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