Protests and casinos – gambling with lives

THE EDITOR: Life can be one big gamble. Lucky to be born into a wealthy family, lucky to be born healthy, lucky to be super intelligent. In other words, it is all about being, healthy, wealthy and wise.

There were two recent protests that saw citizens gambling with their lives as these protests were orchestrated in the middle of a pandemic.

The first one, over the right to have a daily supply of water, we have people congregating, burning tyres, melting asphalt and garbage that caused plumes of delta variant loaded smoke circulating into the atmosphere. Blocking the roadway and discommoding hundreds of other people, is neither wise nor healthy.

In this financial guava season, a $375,000 bill for road repairs is not a nonsense joke. The only water sharing will be drinks at your wake after you contract a delta-flavoured covid19 infection.

Polluting the atmosphere is definitely not healthy or wise. Were all the Barrackpore protesters and police fully vaccinated?

Casino gambling may be entertaining but in a pandemic how many people expect to safely play games where there is little room for effective physical distancing?

Can the casino staff sanitise every machine, every betting chip between each game? How many hours will you spend sitting in an enclosed environment hoping to win something? An infected person could be moving from casino to casino. Comparing betting shops to supermarkets is not a good idea.

You sanitise, get your temperature taken, you shop, pay your bill and exit the shop. The casino equates to the dangers of congregating in restaurants and bars. In casinos you just sit there gambling with your life. Even getting what you need and crave in a pandemic is tied to being vaccinated. Need I say more?




"Protests and casinos – gambling with lives"

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