Kidnapping traumatises Chaguanas West

KIDNAPPED: Businessman Kartikey Ramsundar. -
KIDNAPPED: Businessman Kartikey Ramsundar. -

THE EDITOR: The recent kidnapping of businessman Kartikey Ramsundar from the Chaguanas West constituency has left his family and that constituency distressed and traumatised.

While we have every confidence that the police service will do its best to tackle this kidnapping, as they have done with others before, it is lamentable that the TTPS was thrown into constitutional crisis, single-handedly engineered by this administration.

Even one kidnapping is one too many. It has the effect of sending the country reeling back to a time when citizens were gripped by fear and anguish and had to be constantly looking over their shoulders.

I sincerely hope this kidnapping is not the beginning of a resurgence, and for that reason it is hoped all resources are used to rescue Mr Ramsundar and ensure any such resurgence is squelched.

I also sincerely hope the TTPS will be properly equipped and maintained in this fiscal year, as what has become evident is a certain air of apathy from the Minister of National Security who, during the budget exercise, remained evasive on issues for which he has responsibility and accountability.

I ask for an assurance from the Minister of National Security that nothing will be spared for this and other issues that seem to be crippling TT's security.

With things falling apart in this ministry, I urge my fellow citizens to say a prayer for the release of Mr Ramsundar and for the safety of our country as a whole.




"Kidnapping traumatises Chaguanas West"

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