Five Tobagonians arrested for Grenada bank robbery

Grenada Co-operative Bank  -
Grenada Co-operative Bank -

FIVE Tobagonians are in police custody in Grenada after robbing a bank on Monday.

The men were arrested after making an illegal withdrawal at the Carriacou branch of the Grenada Co-operative Bank.

The Tobagonians attempted a daring escape on the sea but were thwarted after a swift response by police and coast guard.

Although initial reports claimed the suspects were Trinidadians, a communications spokesperson for the Royal Grenada Police Force confirmed on Tuesday, after chuckling at the question, that they were in fact Tobagonians.

The spokesperson said no charges have been laid as yet.

Carriacao MP Kindra Maturine-Stewart praised law enforcement for the arrests in a Now Grenada article.

She said, “I applaud the law enforcement and security forces on the island whose swift action...ensured that five foreign nationals allegedly implicated in the robbing of a bank in our peaceful community were captured.”

Last month a Tobagonian was among four men charged for cocaine trafficking in Grenada.


"Five Tobagonians arrested for Grenada bank robbery"

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