Dead man found in Venezuela believed to be from Trinidad

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Media reports coming out of Venezuela on Sunday said a man's body had been found among mangroves about five hours from Tucupita earlier that day.

Venezuelan authorities are still trying to identify the body but, based on his ethnicity, authorities believe he may be one of six Trinidadians lost in a shipwreck that occurred between the two countries on September 29. The boat was also carrying 11 Venezuelans back to their homeland.

Tanaetanae, an online media house in Tucupita, reported that the body "is that of a middle-aged man, with a beard and brown skin" and was found half-buried in thick waters mixed with mud. The man is believed to be of East Indian descent. The report did not say who found the body.

By Monday, seven of the 17 original occupants of the boat had been rescued including one Trinidadian man nicknamed "Monkey" who had been found alive by Guyanese fishermen and taken to Guyana where he was treated at hospital. The remaining six that were rescued were Venezuelan.

One of the survivors said, on September 29, the boat had left Moruga in an illegal attempt to reach Delta Amacuro, Venezuela. One of its outboard motors stopped working during the journey and a large wave capsized the vessel.


"Dead man found in Venezuela believed to be from Trinidad"

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