Restaurateur to Gov't: Do you have a cohesive plan?

Peter George, chairman of Trent Restaurant Group
Peter George, chairman of Trent Restaurant Group

OWNER of Trent Restaurants Ltd Peter George wants to know if the Government has a cohesive plan for the food and beverage industry.

George’s restaurant chain includes Trotters, Buzo, Amara, Blue Star Diner, and Tommy’s Restaurant.

In an interview on Sunday, George said he was left with more questions than answers on the Prime Minister's announcement of a rollback of restrictions on bars and restaurants which will now allow for the serving of alcohol to vaccinated customers at full capacity fron November 1.

George was not too thrilled when he heard the news.

“To be honest with you, the safe zone exercise thus far in the first week has been rather unsuccessful.

“Now we have to wait two and a half weeks before we can serve alcohol… So are we just sitting here and waiting for some crumbs to be thrown our way?

“Who is making the decisions? It is just incongruent decisions. What is the point of the safe zone? The whole entire thing is incongruent.”

George also has an issue with the 10 pm-5 am curfew, questioning its relevancy after so many months.

He said it was destabilising and oppressive and wants it lifted.

“This country has been under curfew for five months, which is unprecedented, but we get a lovely extra hour…Businesses cannot survive. The curfew has to be lifted because I see no need for it unless there’s a clear articulation by the Government as to why there is a curfew.

“No business in the hospitality industry can survive at 10pm, so why do we still have a curfew?” questioned George.

George thinks the prolonged restrictions on businesses like his have done irreparable damage to the food and beverage industry.

George also wants the Prime Minister to tell the country if his entire Cabinet, MPs and Senators are all vaccinated.

"All the punitive restrictions placed on the public, I think the country needs, as a matter of public trust, demonstrable proof that the entire Government is vaccinated."

He said the restrictions have upturned not only the lives of business owners but hundreds and thousands of people and they had a right to know if the same are applied to those in Government.

At 519 Restaurant, C3 Centre in San Fernando, management there was a bit more optimistic about the rollback of restrictions.

“We are very excited and happy to hear that because we’ve wanted that a long time now. There are a lot of people who have been telling us they want to come and have an after work drink to relax to end their week,” said the manager.

They are also hoping for an adjustment of the curfew to midnight as most diners prefer late-night dining.


"Restaurateur to Gov’t: Do you have a cohesive plan?"

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