DCP Jacob: Police remain 'relentless' in crime fight

DCP Mc Donald Jacob -
DCP Mc Donald Jacob -

Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob is once again assuring the public that the police continues to do its job despite the current impasse surrounding the appointment of an acting commissioner (CoP) police.

In a press release on Saturday, Jacob said, “Even though there are issues pertaining to the appointment of a Commissioner of Police, the officers of the TTPS continue their relentless attacks of criminal elements in the communities.”

In the release, Jacob noted that he lent support to an Operation Strike Back exercise on Thursday during which two persons were arrested and a shotgun along with several rounds of ammunition were seized.

“The drive to recover illegal guns and ammunition remains a top priority.

“Between October 5 and 15, 2021, officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) seized 15 firearms, where at least one firearm was seized in each of the nine policing divisions.

“Fifty-five persons were also arrested and charged for various serious crimes between October 5 and 15, 2021,” said the release.

To further prove the continued functionality of the police, the release said officers of the Financial Investigations Branch (FIB) investigated and subsequently charged two people from the TT Police Firearms Section who were involved in racketeering.

Jacob made a similar assurance in a release on Friday, one day after his acting position as CoP – which was deemed unconstitutional in a court ruling on Thursday – came to an end.

In Friday’s release, Jacob said he met with officers in various units to encourage them to keep up their safety and security efforts and crime suppression, detection and investigation activities.


"DCP Jacob: Police remain ‘relentless’ in crime fight"

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