Why I am uncertain about '70% good roads'

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan - Marvin Hamilton
Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan - Marvin Hamilton

THE EDITOR: I wanted to accept the Minister of Works and Transport’s comment about 70 per cent of the roads in this country being good, but I accept that good is a relative term to who is making that comparison.

The old Southern Main Road from Tarouba to Couva is deteriorating and is the source of daily traffic backup and lost time. Let’s take a drive: Crossroads before Marabella Police Station, roundabout entering Marabella, in front of TECU, Petrotrin stretch (now also flooding), Plaisance Park entrance, before St Margaret’s Police Station, St Margaret’s junction, TCL (now also flooding), Claxton Bay junction, Claxton Bay cemetery, in front the scrap iron dealer, after the savannah around the corner, after Yara to the fire station, fire station to Point Lisas roundabout.

Seeing as you are there, just drive up to Couva. The rest are clearly visible.

Let us not leave out the others: Mayaro to San Fernando (take any route you want), Oropouche junction to Fyzabad junction, Oropouche junction to Point Fortin (take the highway or the old main road), Point Fortin to Icacos, Penal to Siparia to Erin.

These are only the major roads. All of these roads have connectors to communities that are also damaged and in need of repair. Does this make up the 30 per cent? I remain uncertain but they clearly do not fall into the 70 per cent. Please, Mr Minister, use your good office to allocate some attention and resources to make the necessary repairs.

While we all await the ten-year delivery of the south highway from Rousillac to Point Fortin and the others planned, restoring these roads will definitely lower vehicle maintenance, reduce fuel consumption (especially now that prices are increasing) and signal to tax-paying citizens that their hard-earned money is being allocated towards proper use for the benefit of all.


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"Why I am uncertain about '70% good roads'"

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