Questions about those ‘safe zones’

Casinos are among the safe zone businesses. Photo by Roger Jacob - ROGER JACOB
Casinos are among the safe zone businesses. Photo by Roger Jacob - ROGER JACOB

THE EDITOR: Let’s discuss the much touted "safe zone" policy.

First, we need be careful not to conflate "vaccinated" with "covid-free." We know that vaccinated people can still catch and spread covid19. What is so safe about a safe zone?

Second, some of these establishments (gyms, casinos, etc) are located in malls. The mall owners are not required to check the vaccination status of patrons at the door, so what is the sense in allowing anyone into the mall but only vaccinated people into a particular store in the mall?

Third, while on the subject of malls, is in-house dining allowed for food courts? What happens if an unvaccinated person buys food at a store presumably to take away but then sits down to eat? Will the mall owners be charged?

Fourth, why is a business like a casino being subject to these restrictions while large retail stores are exempt? People congregate in larger numbers and spend just as much time inside supermarkets or even churches, for example. What exactly is the science behind this inconsistency?

Fifth, why aren't government offices and secondary schools made into safe zones? Surely people spend a long time indoors in these facilities in close proximity to each other. Yet somehow it is acceptable to have unvaccinated public servants and unvaccinated teachers. Hopefully the science can explain this as well.

Sixth, how does it make sense that bars can be required to be a safe zone but then vaccinated patrons still cannot consume alcohol (the bar's main product) inside? Similarly, how does it make sense that children's entertainment places can be allowed to be open but children under 12 cannot participate?

Lastly, why are we pretending that the vaccine is a choice if the freedom of unvaccinated people is being restricted? Why not just make the vaccine mandatory and require all, including all MPs and all public servants such as police and teachers, to be vaccinated?

As the saying goes, make it make sense, please. Hopefully we can declare a safe zone for logic as well.


Santa Cruz


"Questions about those ‘safe zones’"

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