City police to escort garbage trucks in East PoS

GUNNED DOWN: Garbage collector Nizam Ali Cadette.  -
GUNNED DOWN: Garbage collector Nizam Ali Cadette. -

THE Port of Spain City Council is proposing that their police officers escort sanitation workers when they go to East Port of Spain. The proposal is being made after the shooting death of garbage collector Nizam Ali Cadette while he was working.

Speaking with Newsday on Thursday, councillor for East Dry River Clint Baptiste said the proposal will see a reduction in the number of days that garbage will be collected in the area.

On Wednesday, Cadette, 32, was at Laventille Road at about 7.35 am when two men ran out of Lovell Place and shot him. Cadette of Bath Street died at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

The killing, police said, was as a result of ongoing turf war, within the East Port of Spain area, after the attempted killing a gang leader earlier this year.

Police said residents of Bath Street are not allowed to venture into Leau Place, Quarry Street, Rose Hill and Lovell Place. Residents of those areas are barred from entering Bath Street.

Baptiste said the proposal will have to be ratified by the general council, but Barth-Baz Sanitation Company Ltd will have police escort on Friday.

“What we proposed is that instead of the four days, the company will work for three and the money that would have been paid for the fourth, will go towards the police. This will be an extra duty.”

CEO of Barth-Baz Sanitation Company Ltd, Pete Noray, welcomed the idea. He told Newsday the day Cadette was killed, he warned him not to venture into the area because of the ongoing turf war.

Cadette, who worked with Noray’s company for the past four years, ignored his boss’ warning and that of others and was killed for being in “enemy territory” although he was not part of the ongoing war.

Residents told Newsday that because of the feud, some garbage truck contractors, in a bid to circumvent the “no-go zones” hired only women since they are allowed to “cross the borders.”

Cadette, a reformed drug addict, is expected to be buried next week.


"City police to escort garbage trucks in East PoS"

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