A welcomed WASA boost

Minister in the Ministry of Housing Adrian Leonce - Jeff K. Mayers
Minister in the Ministry of Housing Adrian Leonce - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: Laventille, usually considered a forgotten place, foreshadowed by plodding developments, sensationalised for errancy and internecine conflict, and intoned sententiously, has always risen from obscurity. Laventille stands tall, overseeing our nation's capital city and its greatness lies within. Diligent men and women have been invariably present and sacrificially seeking to bolster our communities.

It is with great pride I commend the Member of Parliament for Laventille East/Morvant, Minister in the Ministry of Housing Adrian Leonce, Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales, and key stakeholders for their continued commitment and activism despite the challenges.

It is refreshing to see the commencement by WASA of the refurbishment process at the Morvant Booster Station that will benefit 39,000 residents with an improved water supply. The upgrade is welcomed. Thank you for always selflessly addressing the needs of the affected communities, having lobbied tirelessly.

Such advances go beyond a mere standpipe as some would only assume without having set foot there, let alone their entire physical. We, the sound thinking, note the assiduous efforts put forward by the Government. It is deeply appreciated.


Port of Spain


"A welcomed WASA boost"

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