Slow business in south as in-house dining resumes

A table setting for two at a restaurant which reopened on Monday as a safe zone. - ROGER JACOB
A table setting for two at a restaurant which reopened on Monday as a safe zone. - ROGER JACOB

While some safe zone restaurants in south Trinidad resumed in-house dining on Monday, it didn’t make a difference for most.

A manager at Soong's Great Wall Restaurant in San Fernando told Newsday it was business as usual with the occasional diners.

He explained, “Business wasn’t very good yesterday (Monday) at all. We only filled a few tables.

“We believe that it’s because of the restrictions on (unvaccinated) kids.

“We are a family restaurant, so most people come with their kids and stuff. So if they can’t bring their kids they won’t come.”

He remains cautiously optimistic that there may be an uptick in diners during the weekend and around monthend.

When Newsday visited Mr Chow's Smokehouse at Gulf City on October 7, a manager predicted that Monday’s resumption of in-house dining would not lead to a bump in sales since most customers used the takeaway service even when in-house dining was allowed. As predicted, Mr Chow’s didn’t see as a surge of diners on Monday, and most people ordered takeaway on Tuesday.

Business fared better at 519 Restaurant, C3 Centre in San Fernando which saw a strong turnout of diners.

One of the restaurant’s general managers said it was solidly booked for lunch on Monday and there was a stream of evening diners.

She added, “We had a good crowd and, from what I heard, we were one of the restaurants that had the largest turnouts.”

A manager at the San Fernando branch of Palki’s Authentic Indian Restaurant said the restaurant has opted out of the safe zone initiative for now.

He said it will continue its takeaway services until it feels prepared enough to join the safe zone and resume in-house dining.


"Slow business in south as in-house dining resumes"

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