PNM Women’s League accuses UNC of anarchy

PNM Women's League chairman Camille Robinson-Regis. -
PNM Women's League chairman Camille Robinson-Regis. -

THE People’s National Movement (PNM) Women’s League has responded with dread over what it terms the Opposition’s attack on the highest officer holder – President Paula-Mae Weekes.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Monday night called for her resignation over the Police Service Commission (PSC) scandal which led to its collapse over the appointment of a commissioner of police, and the nomination of attorney Earnest Koylass to serve on the new commission. The UNC said Koylass had visibly supported the PNM in the past.

Chairman of the league Camille Robinson-Regis tore into Persad-Bissessar and her MPs accusing them of anarchy and calling on the population to reject same.

In a release, Robinson-Regis said: “Persad -Bissessar needs to stop her duplicity against the nation. From undermining the integrity of Parliament, to the discouragement of the vaccination process, to the unjustifiable attacks on the highest office holder in the land, and now MPs organising violent protests.” The latter was in reference to protests by Barrackpore residents over roads and water.

Robinson-Regis accused Persad-Bissessar “and her cohorts” of attempting to sow seeds of lawlessness “in our peaceful twin-island state.

“We call on every right-thinking citizen to reject and condemn the UNC attempts to subvert our democracy.”

She called out Moruga /Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin for her presence at Monday’s protest where constituents set fire at different points of Rochard Douglas Road, Papourie Road, Kanhai Road, St Croix Road and Oropouche River Road, which serve as major connectors into the Barrackpore area, to highlight a lack of water and bad roads.

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said the protest resulted in “an unnecessary cost of $375,000 to repair the asphalt surface that was damaged because of the protest fires.”

He warned of pending police investigation and prosecution of those found culpable.

Robinson-Regis said Benjamin, who stood with her protesting constituents, was “another embarrassment in Parliament.”

She said Benjamin must understand “that there is no parliamentary privilege for criminal activity. We demand she clears the air regarding the pictures circulating on social media.

“There are avenues for civil protest, and clearly the MP was part and parcel of unsavoury behaviour. The Opposition Leader has a moral obligation to stand up against anarchy masquerading as activism, unless of course it is pure malevolence on her part.

“The UNC is clearly masking obstructionism with activism, and the people of this country must reject their deviance. Kamla Persad Bissessar is attempting to fuel suspicions, mistrust and paranoia. Fearmongering is not electioneering. Our beloved country deserves better.”


"PNM Women’s League accuses UNC of anarchy"

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