More zones call for a return of Bassarath’s slate

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board Azim Bassarath
President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board Azim Bassarath - AYANNA KINSALE

MOMENTUM is building for the return of the Azim Bassarath slate of candidates to remain at the helm of the TT Cricket Board.

Last week, shortly after the election date of October 30 was announced both the South East zone and the Central zone pledged their support for the incumbents.

And over the weekend, the Bassarath slate got a big boost with the ringing endorsement of the South zone and the East zone.

According to a TTCB media release, on Monday, chairman of the South zone Chaitram Ramjitsingh said he has no hesitation in backing Bassarath as those challenging the present administration are not united.

“Our zonal council took a decision to vote for the Bassarath slate as those opposing the incumbent officials are disorganised and do not offer any plan to take cricket forward.”

Ramjitsingh’s backing was a welcome boost for the slate of candidates who are expected to jumpstart some of the national cricket programmes which have been stymied for the past 18 months because of the covid19 pandemic.

“The decision was made by the South zonal council since we believe that we need the stability and the structure required post pandemic if cricket is to recover from the covid19 setback,” said Ramjitsingh.

The support of the South zone is especially significant as it has traditionally toed an independent line, and its allegiance almost ensures the Bassarath slate will be favoured to assume a four-year term in accordance with one of the new amendments to the TTCB constitution.

Ramjitsingh said that as president of PowerGen Sports Club, one of the leading premier division clubs, he is looking forward to working with the Bassarath slate to help move the local game forward.

He praised the TTCB executive for the measures they took during the covid19 pandemic and yet were successful in keeping several programmes intact especially for the national senior team and the Under-19s.

Ramjitsingh said that it was also very noteworthy and signalled the intent of the Bassarath slate that term limits for the TTCB president were placed in the constitution for the first time.

And on the back of the glowing endorsement of the South Zone, chairman of the East zonal council Joseph Sam Phillip said his officials had no hesitation in backing Bassarath.

“We were of one opinion that the Bassarath administration had led us through the covid19 pandemic in a responsible way that kept the game on an even keel despite the great challenges,” Phillip said.

He said the TTCB commitment to transparency and accountability was evident as they insisted zonal councils fulfil the requirement to register with the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs in compliance with the Financial Investigations Unit.

“Under the present TTCB, every effort is being made to make each zonal council accountable in a way that is beyond reproach in regard to its financial affairs,” said Phillip.

He also made reference to the fact that of all the national sports organisations, only the TTCB was found to be 100 per cent in compliance with its reports and adherence to the strict rules of the Sports Company of TT.


"More zones call for a return of Bassarath’s slate"

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