2 murders in Arima

File photo.
File photo.

TWO murders, one committed on Monday morning and the other on Tuesday morning are engaging the attention of Northern Division police.

In the Monday incident, a 25-year-old man was killed after he was ambushed at work.

Police reported that Shaquille Pereira of Cross Trace, Brasso, Paria was at a construction site along the Bye-Pass Road in Arima near River Lime Ranch, when he was attacked.

Police said a white panel van stopped where Pereira and other men were and a masked gunman came out and called out to Pereira. When he answered, the gunman shot him and returned to the vehicle which drove off.

Pereira, who was shot in the face and abdomen, was taken to the Arima Hospital where he was declared dead at about 11.55 am.

In the Tuesday incident, police said that at about 11.30 am, residents of Righteous Lane in Pinto Road, Arima reported hearing gunshots and later found an unidentified man slumped inside a car.

Police said the deceased and another man went to the area to purchase a vehicle for $15,000. The killers, police said, robbed the men of the cash and opened fire on their vehicle before escaping. The other man was injured and later taken to hospital for treatment.

No arrests have been made in both incidents and investigations are continuing.


"2 murders in Arima"

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