Sirjusingh: Still no link to vaccine and menstrual disturbances

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Director of the Women’s Health at the Ministry of Health Dr Adesh Sirjusingh has reiterated there is no definite link, at this time, between covid19 vaccines and women’s menstrual cycle.

Sirjusingh was speaking at the Ministry of Health’s covid19 news conference on Monday.

Many women have reported changes in their menstrual cycle including prolonged periods, excessive bleeding and abdominal pain.

He said while the scientific community across the globe has not established a link, research is still ongoing across the globe.

“If there is new information we will share it.”

He said women who are experiencing issues with heir menstrual cycle should report the problem to a healthcare practitioner. He said post-menopausal women, especially if they are seeing blood, should discuss the issue with their doctor.

Sirjusingh listed other issues that could cause changes in a woman’s cycle including stress, changes in weight and fibroids.

He also suggested women between the ages of 20-65 should have a pap smear done at least every three years.

“The public healthcare system remains open and functional. If it is a minor problem, you can monitor it, but seek help if you need to.”


"Sirjusingh: Still no link to vaccine and menstrual disturbances"

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