Flying to Tobago and covid19


THE EDITOR: We can reference other people’s opinions when conveying a story or speaking from our own experiences. Well, what I have seen of late has been one of the biggest eye-openers of all time.

I believe that covid19 is a problem for everyone in many different ways and being fortunate enough to see the different positions from the street view has me watching in chronological order a list of past events.

The Government should have the “blimp view,” meaning it can see more from high up (having access to more information) than me from my street view. So, in light of that, I ask: why is physical distancing so important?

Religious organisations, restaurants, cinemas, taxis, etc have adopted this as the new norm.

My job requires me to move around from time to time, having me fly from Trinidad to Tobago. I asked what I think is a normal question in 2021: is there physical distancing on the flight since this has been part of the guidelines for reducing the spread of covid19? My employer said he believed so.

My expectation of safety was high and on entering Piarco Airport there was signage and information highlighting all recommended guidelines. But to my surprise when I boarded the plane I was shoulder to shoulder with someone long enough to potentially catch covid19.

I asked myself the same question as above and gave myself the answer I thought the relevant authorities would give: “Thank you, sir, for your time and patience. To answer your question, you can protect yourself by doing all the mentioned health protocols and you should be OK. Physical distancing is necessary where applicable.”

If this was the answer it would only be in the best interest of the Government financially and not others who fall into the same class of business. Since some areas of the business sector don't directly impact the government revenue stream, only Peter pays for Paul.

The Visit Tobago website points out that the TT borders were reopened on July 17 with some restrictions for entry and noted the nationwide daily curfew effective May 16.

The Tobago Tourism Agency outlines the following in its travel advisory’s frequently asked question section as of September 28:

Under the current travel restriction, can I still fly domestically (between Trinidad and Tobago)?

“Domestic flights between Trinidad and Tobago are still operational during this current period, but at a reduced capacity.

“There are currently three daily flights and ferry services will operate at 25 per cent capacity. The revised passenger capacities on the ferries are as follows: APT James – 200 passengers; TT Spirit – 200 passengers; Galleons Passage – 150 passengers.”

History has shown that the vaccinated as well as unvaccinated have brought covid19 into TT. I understand that a matter like this is a business decision where the pros and cons have to be weighed. If all things people enjoy and need for living the best life is the engine, then your time and money are the fuel.

Clearly the Government and the citizens' views are not always synced since in the eyes of some the conversation is one-sided. This is a topic of sustainability where a person’s livelihood is being affected, just by how many people can be in a place at a given time, among other things brought about by the pandemic, or what others call the “plandemic.”

I don’t have the answer for why Peter is paying for Paul and Paul is not paying for all. I don’t have the blimp view. So from the words of Prime Minister Dr Rowley, “don’t jack--- the thing.”

Let's continue doing our part in making TT a safer place for all.


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"Flying to Tobago and covid19"

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