Defiant Abdullah: Boycott safe-zone businesses

Umar Abdullah.
Umar Abdullah.

Leader of the First Wave Movement Umar Abdullah is calling on people to boycott “safe-zone” businesses which will reopen on October 11 and require both customers and employees to be vaccinated.

Abdullah made the call during a protest on Friday at the Royal Princes Casino at South Park, San Fernando.

The protest was held by the casino’s unvaccinated workers, who claim they were told not to return to work on Monday when the casino reopens.

An angry Abdullah told the media, “We have businesses right now that are asking the buying public to produce their vaccination status before they enter that establishment.

“We are going to go to those businesses as well, and those businesses will not be able to continue to operate in Trinidad and Tobago.

“We are going to call for a total boycott of these businesses.”

Abdullah also said his movement will continue to mobilise employees in protests if they are displaced from work owing to a safe-zone policy.

“We are going to go to every single business that is instituting this (vaccination policy). We are going to go to their doorsteps and stand firm with the workers.

“We are not going to allow that to happen, No business in this country is going to lock their workers out and continue to operate in Trinidad and Tobago. No business is going to demand that their workers take this injection.”


"Defiant Abdullah: Boycott safe-zone businesses"

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