4 covid19 deaths, no new delta cases

Photo courtesy CDC.
Photo courtesy CDC.

There are 217 new cases of covid19, and four new deaths according to the Ministry of Health's update on Saturday afternoon.

A media release from the ministry said the deaths included two elderly males and one middle-aged male with commodities. No details were given about the fourth case. The total number of deaths is 1,540.

It also confirmed that the new cases were recorded from samples taken between October 5 and 8, and not within that last 24 hours.

The update also reported that there are 4,300 active cases.

There are 270 covid19 patients in hospital, while 24 people were discharged from public health facilities.

There are 113 recovered community cases. These are people who tested positive for covid19 and placed in self-isolation but later met the discharge criteria and were released.

The release reported that as of Saturday, 595,269 people had received their first dose of a vaccine from a two-dose regime, while 518,687 people had had their second dose and 24,575 people received a one-shot vaccine.

There were no additional cases of the delta variant reported. The last reported figure was ten in Friday’s afternoon update.


"4 covid19 deaths, no new delta cases"

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