Women on Calypso marks history month in Toronto

Rhoma Spencer has organised a symposium titled Women on Calypso to mark Calypso History Month in Toronto. -
Rhoma Spencer has organised a symposium titled Women on Calypso to mark Calypso History Month in Toronto. -

A cadre of five women academics and artists will commemorate Calypso History Month in Toronto from October 16-17.

The event is bring organised by The Roots of Calypso, an ad-hoc forum headed by calypso collector, researcher and connoisseur, George Maharaj, a media release said.

Now in its fourth year, the forum engaged the expertise of actor, director and playwright Rhoma Spencer to organise this year's symposium titled Women on Calypso, the release said.

“I wanted to engage more women in the calypso discourse as I was the only woman in last year’s symposium. Prior to that, again only one woman among the men. I threw out a gauntlet to George and he threw it back at me to organise it, so here we are in 2021,” Spencer said in the release.

Roots of Calypso spokesman Maharaj said, “I am very proud of this year’s manifestation of the symposium. Rhoma did a good job and courted some brilliant women to be a part of our little symposium. Having done this for the past four years, this is now our second virtual symposium and we stand to reach a wider international audience than when it was in person in Toronto.”

Virtual viewers can expect to hear from Dr Kai Barratt, Professor Ramabai Espinet, Dr Alison McLetchie, Spencer and Bianca Jacob Stephenson. From Savannah Grass, Singing Sandra, Spoiler and Shadow to Jamette Power and a Calypso Composer, these five women will convene their own calypso discourse at the weekend calypso webinar.

Women on Calypso Symposium begins at 2 pm on Zoom. The public can log in using ID: 893 8558 7052. Passcode: CHMT21, on both days.

Headlining the symposium’s live entertainment is Canada’s six-time Calypso Monarch, Macomere Fifi. Other guest performances will come from Panman Pat, Roger Gibbs, Lindy Burgess and King Cosmos.

For more info: visit Facebook Page/Women on Calypso Symposium.


"Women on Calypso marks history month in Toronto"

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