Low turnout for Croisee 'One Shot and Done' vaccination drive

Low turnout at Croisee 'One Shot and Done' vaccination drive in San Juan - Photo by Kaviana  Siew Rampersad
Low turnout at Croisee 'One Shot and Done' vaccination drive in San Juan - Photo by Kaviana Siew Rampersad

When Newsday visited the “One Shot and Done” pop-up vaccination site at the Croisee on Friday, there were more men than women in the registration tents waiting for covid19 vaccines.

The Ministry of Health hosted the drive in San Juan on Friday.

A large number of people were on the streets but few ventured into the vaccination tents.

Health staff handed passers-by flyers about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but many refused them, saying they had already been vaccinated.

Many people who took the vaccine were pleased with the smooth process, while others said they felt forced to do so by the Government's new "safe zones" plans, due to start from October 11.Only vaccinated customers and staff will be allowed into entertainment businesses that are safe zones.

Newsday spoke to a man who only gave his last name as McKenzie, who said in order to remain employed, he had no choice but to take the vaccine.

“My co-worker got covid19 and I had to make sure I protected myself in order to work,” he said.

Asked why he waited this long to get vaccinated, he said he did not want to be inconvenienced.

“I really didn’t want to go out of the way, I wanted the vaccination sites to come closer,” he said.

Another person said he came for his one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine after seeing the ministry’s advertisement for the drive in the Thursday newspaper.

“I was waiting for the crowd to be less to come get my vaccine,” he said.

Newsday spoke to John Phillip, who said everyone is talking about the vaccines, so he took the opportunity to take the one-shot one.

“I was passing by and decide to take the vaccine. I feel safer taking it,” he said.

Another person told Newsday he is 19, and trying to get a place in the world of work is difficult without the vaccine.

“I looking for placement, and it very difficult when the Government making it in such a way that you need the vaccine to live your life as you usually would before covid19,” he said.

He said because he lives in San Juan, he only took the vaccine at this site because it was convenient.

He admitted the rest of his family has no intention of being vaccinated.

Another person told Newsday he waited long enough and decided to take the jab on Friday because he got a feeling.

“Sometimes it is better to wait than rush. I feel more comfortable with the one-shot after doing research,” he said.

He said although he is vaccinated, he will continue to take care when venturing out into public places.

Hollis Conrad Garcia, 73 expressed concern: “You would not be able to go into certain places and stores if you do not get the vaccine,” he said.

He was also taking the vaccine because: “My brother and daughter in America took the vaccine and told me to take it.”

He admitted he wanted the Johnson & Johnson one-jab.

“I don’t have to go for a second shot, because I might forget to go for it,” he said.

The drive continues on Saturday at the Croisee.


"Low turnout for Croisee 'One Shot and Done' vaccination drive"

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