Sea Lots boxers deny Randy Glasgow Production link: Not your fight

A screengrab from a video that went viral on social media over the weekend which showed unsanctioned boxing happening in Port of Spain. -
A screengrab from a video that went viral on social media over the weekend which showed unsanctioned boxing happening in Port of Spain. -

SOCA artiste Swappi and a lawyer have said that Randy Glasgow Production (RGP) has no involvement in the Sea Lots boxing community, but Glasgow said preliminary discussions have been held between the parties to develop the Sea Lots boxing initiative.

Over the past few weeks, videos have been circulating on social media of bouts in Sea Lots with crowds gathered to watch the fights. The Sea Lots Boxing Community decided to start the initiative to bring a positive image to the community.

Swappi, who grew up in Sea Lots, is expected to fight fellow entertainer Trinidad Killa in a bout carded for next month.

In two Guardian articles published earlier this week, Glasgow spoke on behalf of the Sea Lots Boxing Community.

In one article Glasgow said the TT Boxing Board of Control should relax the rules that he believes exist where boxers must have a clean record to become a boxer.

In the other article, Glasgow said discussions are being held with the TT Boxing Board of Control, the  Boxing Association, Ministry of Sports and Community Development and the Ministry of Health to facilitate the event.

Guardian quoted Glasgow as saying, “It may be a little premature to say anything because we are in discussion on a kind of twofold issue which would be Swappi being an entertainer, and Mr (Trinidad) Killa being an entertainer, as the objective is to ask the youth to put down the guns and take up the gloves. We like the concept and we feel we’re well-positioned to help, so we’re in discussion to take the thing to another level.”

The Guardian story gave details of the Swappi-Trinidad Killa fight, saying it is tentatively set for Thanksgiving Day in the US on November 25. Glasgow told Guardian the event will be streamed live to TT and Caribbean people living in the US.

A statement by lawyers representing the Sea Lots Boxing initiative said, “We state without any reservation, whatsoever and howsoever, that the statements, advertisement and publication directed, authored and or uttered by Mr Glasgow and the RGP are not only false, deceptive and misleading, but Mr Glasgow and RGP have not at any time, been given the authorisation or authority to speak on behalf of the Sea Lots Community, Trinidad Killa or Swappi.”

In an interview with Newsday on Wednesday, Swappi said Glasgow and his company are not involved in the project.

Asked if Glasgow is involved in the Sea Lots boxing in any form, Swappi said, “No, he is not, and what was said in the letter is absolutely true.

“I never gave Randy Glasgow any kind of consent or sign off on any contractual agreement of such or anything…any kind of agreement to go forward with whatever that he put forward in the media.”

Glasgow told Newsday no official arrangement has been made between the Sea Lots boxing community and himself, but there has been dialogue.

“We did not reach there (contractual agreement). You can’t reach there without searching for the facts and doing the investigating…you have to find the provider for the pay per view company (and) see what they charging, the streaming services,” Glasgow said.

“We were having preliminary discussions and conversations to that effect.”

Glasgow said groundwork must take place before entering new projects which includes sponsorship.

“When you doing something and money start to spend, in these times, you have to do your feasibility study…we spoke to like four sponsors who say, 'Randy we will support you.'

“All we were doing is a feasibility study to see if it could work and how we could extend our hand.”

Local boxing promoter and World Boxing Council (WBC) co-ordinator Buxo Potts is involved. “The Sea Lots Community is working in conjunction with the WBC and its youth development programme, through Mr Boxu Potts, to legitimise this initiative and take it forward,” the statement said.

The statement reiterated that there is no communication with Glasgow.

“In fact, specifically, both Trinidad Killa and Swappi have rejected all previous attempts and advances made to them by both Mr Glasgow and RGP to promote this initiative and upcoming events in which they are both involved.”

The statement also confirmed that the Sea Lots Boxing Community has not made an agreement with Glasgow.

“We advise that Sea Lots Boxing Community has its own committee which speaks for itself. The Sea Lots Committee has not signed off on any initiative, programme or project with Mr Glasgow or RGP. The Sea Lots Community is the founder of the boxing project, not Mr Glasgow or RGP.”

The attorneys are thinking of their legal options, but are asking Glasgow to withdraw his statements firstly.

“In the interim, we demand that Mr Glasgow and RGP, immediately, on all print and social media platforms, issue a full and unqualified retraction of all their respective misstatements, misrepresentation and unauthorised utterances made via publication, statements and advertisements and that they both give an undertaking that same shall not be repeated.”


"Sea Lots boxers deny Randy Glasgow Production link: Not your fight"

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