Digicel tells employees to vaccinate or submit PCR tests


The Digicel Group has issued a memo telling staff at all locations to show proof of vaccination by October 15.

Unvaccinated staff will be required to submit a negative PCR test result every two weeks or take unpaid leave if they fail to do so.

The memo, dated September 29, said the company has been focused on keeping its employees and communities safe since the beginning of the pandemic.

Digicel said vaccines were widely available in most markets, and science demonstrates that vaccinations are the best way to safeguard employees' health and play a part in preventing the spread and worst effects of the virus.

The company said safeguarding the health of the organisation, people and customers meant being able to be at work and be able to work. It said the task is to protect lives and livelihoods, and so it must put in place a policy that succeeds in doing both.

“We would ask all of you to help us ensure that our workplace is a safe space. This means that by close of business on October 15, all employees should submit their vaccination cards showing proof of partial or full vaccination to HR.

“Employees who are not vaccinated by that date will be required to submit a negative PCR test result taken in the preceding 72 hours every two weeks to HR, which will permit them to attend work. These tests will be done at the employees’ expense. Antigen tests will not be accepted.”

Digicel said any employee who cannot attend work because they are unable to produce a current PCR test result will be required to take the days on which they are absent as unpaid leave or, alternatively, choose to have those days taken from their vacation allowance.

It said if an employee has used up all their vacation days, the absent days will be taken as unpaid leave.

“This policy is applicable to all our employees regardless of work location. To be clear, employees will not be allowed to work remotely as a means of avoiding taking the vaccine or avoiding PCR testing. All new hires must be fully vaccinated in advance of starting their role with Digicel.”

It said exemptions will only be given for medical reasons and will require the employee to submit a doctor’s report verifying why the individual is unable to be vaccinated against covid19.

“In addition, we are aware of the legal position in some markets and will approach these on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, we are keenly aware that several governments have already mandated similar measures under rigorous timelines, which have already been fully adhered to by our respective CEOs.”

The company thanked those employees who had made the decision to get vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe. It urged those who were yet to be vaccinated to take advantage of one of the many avenues available to do so as soon as possible.


"Digicel tells employees to vaccinate or submit PCR tests"

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