No safe roads in the south


THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Minister of Works and Transport.

Sir, whether you are aware or not, driving on the roads of TT is now an extremely dangerous activity. It is unlikely that one would find a half kilometre of a smooth, drivable road in south Trinidad.

I know for a fact that none exists in Siparia and environs, not the SS Erin Road, not in Palo Seco/Santa Flora, not in Fyzabad, not in Oropouche, not in Vessigny, not in La Brea, not in La Romaine.

The roads are littered with potholes, craters, trenches and depressions attributed to WASA. The danger exists when drivers try to avoid potholes. Some potholes are so large that vehicles must stop to allow the flow of traffic one lane at a time.

Some potholes appear overnight and daily a new adventure awaits drivers. They also hinder the free flow of traffic and disrupt productivity.

Similar to having inspectors deem vehicles roadworthy, maybe it’s time to have inspectors determine if a road is worthy to be driven on.


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"No safe roads in the south"

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