Met office: Brace for 3-5 days of heat

Stock photo by Pexels.
Stock photo by Pexels.

IF you thought the heat in Trinidad and Tobago this past week was unbearable, brace yourself for intense scorchers, as the temperature is forecast to get even hotter in the days ahead.

Forecaster at the TT Meteorological Service Crystol Caesar warns maximum high temperatures are expected to soar between 33 and 36 degrees C over the next three-five days.

She advised people to use umbrellas, wear light clothing such as vests, remain hydrated, and protect themselves from the sun using sunblock or sunscreen.

Peak high temperatures are forecast on Monday in Trinidad (36 C), and in Tobago (33 C ). The last time TT recorded temperatures in that range was 31 years ago on September 25, 1990.

Caesar said people should avoid being outdoors if they can, and also keep their pets hydrated and in cool spots.

She said while high environmental temperatures can be dangerous and a person can experience heat cramps and exhaustion, she has no data to suggest anyone having suffered or died from a heatstroke in TT.

Caesar explained September is the month when the hottest temperatures are recorded.

“Currently there have been mild winds from the south so there is no breeze around to keep down the temperatures. That is why we are getting high temperatures. This will continue for the next three to five days.”

The hottest recorded temperature in Trinidad, based on data from the Global Historical Climatology Network (pre-1980) and the MetOffice (1991-2020), stands at 37.8 C, recorded on April 20th, 1946 at Wallerfield.

However, the TTMS is not classifying the present increase in temperature as a heatwave or hot spell just yet.

For a hot spell (or heatwave) to be declared in TT by the Met Office, a period of hot temperatures, characterised by maximum temperatures of at least 34 C (above 33.9 C) in Trinidad and 32. C in Tobago, must last five or more consecutive days across the country. A short-duration hot spell is three or more consecutive hot days.


"Met office: Brace for 3-5 days of heat"

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