Judiciary looks to artificial intelligence to improve legal system

Chief Justice Ivor Archie -
Chief Justice Ivor Archie -

The Judiciary was exposed to a series of artificial intelligence (AI) applications that were geared towards smooth and efficient services of the legal system.

On Wednesday, the Judicial Education Institute of TT (JEITT) held its ninth distinguished jurist lecture focused on “artificial intelligence and its impact on the practice and application of law,” virtually.

It was hosted by Chief Justice Ivor Archie and facilitated by the 2021 guest lecturer, Federal Judge at the Federal Regional Court of the second region, Brazil, Justice Isabella Ferrari.

In a statement, the Judiciary said the theme was in keeping with its focus on digital transformation and continuous adoption of digital technology in the effective and efficient delivery of justice in TT.

The lecture explored the variety of benefits and possible drawbacks of adopting artificial intelligence in the courts.

“These included the ability to make predictions, improve the speed and efficiency of legal systems by enhancing legal analysis, the use of online dispute resolution in small claims and other matters, and the ongoing work to treat with factors such as the need for the elimination of discrimination and bias in writing and utilising algorithms that drive AI.”

The Judiciary said it was clear that AI was already in use and would be a key component of courts in the future.

The session attracted participants from local and foreign judiciaries, legal fraternities and state and non-state sectors.


"Judiciary looks to artificial intelligence to improve legal system"

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