Cut prices of basic foods

 - Vidya Thurab
- Vidya Thurab

THE EDITOR: Within recent times, citizens are witnessing a rapid increase in the cost of food items. In fact, consumers have been gravely affected by the shocking and steady rise in the cost of living.

For the period December 2020 to July, the astronomical increase of the following commodities must be noted: beef tails, 75 per cent; soya bean oil, 43 to 100 per cent (size varies); canned corned beef, 36 per cent; yellow split peas, 34 per cent; lentils, 34 per cent; brown sugar, 25 per cent; and cheese, 15 per cent.

With Christmas swiftly approaching and property tax knocking loudly on our doors, like the Grinch who stole the festive mood, one wonders at the plight of poor and unemployed people.

Why on earth must our people face the rigours of a harsh and failing economy acknowledging the fact that millions of dollars are falling through the cracks and not much effort made to diversify the process?

There needs to be an urgent reduction in the prices of our basic food items. At the same time, the Government needs to think about the plight of the struggling masses and refrain from the introduction of the property tax.


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"Cut prices of basic foods"

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