No vaccine against stupidity

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A lagniappe to Parts I-III of Sick of ignorance


ON August 31, 11 days after I knew I had covid19, I unfriended the covidiots and anti-vaxxers I’d been trying to persuade for months on Facebook.

When I closed my eyes and wondered if my lungs would start disintegrating overnight, the realisation dawned: I could
never reach you people. And you can only bring us all down.

Something is wrong with your mental process if you come to the conclusion that tried and tested vaccines against it are more dangerous than history’s most deadly pandemic.

Now, if you have sound medical advice from a real doctor not to take any or all of the covid19 vaccines, you should follow it.

If, however, your advice comes not from the WHO, CDC or even the lowly Minister of Health, but from your Tantie Doris’s Facebook page, just shut up and take the vaccine;

If you think Dr Fauci patented the novel cornoavirus 20 years ago, according to “internal Pfizer documents” leaked not to the London Guardian, Al-Jazeera, the BBC or Julian Assange, but to a long-winded and terminally boring Bajan civil engineer who watched a biological engineering video on YouTube;

If, even after the manufacturers of the animal-worm medicine themselves have tweeted, “Come on, y’all are not a horse, y’all are not a cow,” you still swear by ivermectin and cuss AstraZeneca;

If you think God revealed to you that the Book of Revelation got it wrong and it would not be the number of the beast but a name of the beast, and that name was Moderna;

If you dismiss the BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, the London Guardian and Sunday Observer and Mother Jones magazine as “lame-stream media” but believe the patent, blatant lies of 12 individuals responsible for 75 per cent of the disinformation on social media (who are ripping off people like you, by selling them vitamin D as a covid19 remedy);

If you think Dr Fauci is lying and that firetrucker Carlson is telling you the truth about the virus, masks, horse medicine and vaccines;

If you think every doctor, nurse and hospital attendant in the world is in on the conspiracy to pretend covid19 is real, and they get cheques from AstraZeneca for putting “covid19” on death certificates that should read “cardiac arrest”;

If any of the above is true of you, I’m sorry to tell you but you are a firetrucking moron and you should just shut the firetruck up and take the firetrucking vaccine.

To save the lives of people like me. Because God knows I’ve tried everything else to win you over with respectful logical argument.

I unfriended everyone like you because, although you are very passionate about what you believe, you believe horse manure; or at least in horse-worm medicine as a cure for a human respiratory infection. Sadly, for you, you are not able to think clearly enough to understand you’re not thinking clearly.

So you are either (1) dictionary-definition stupid (even though you know ’bout mRNA and thing and somebody told you what SARS stands for) or (2) you are too caught up in playing a mas in which you are a hero, and everyone who disagrees with you a sheeple, to realise you are giving the virus the upper hand.

And it was people like you who literally made me sick.

And I could have died, if the numbers had gone another way. And not from my “comorbidities,” but from your stupidity.

It’s people like you who bus’ open St Vincent PM Ralph Gonsalves’s head and boast about it.

You are the people Chris Rock had in mind in his bit about how many people can get stabbed to death by the same man with a knife: you don’t know enough to get out of the way of obvious mortal danger.

The only thing that may prevent us, the non-stupid or non-deluded ones, from making the hard decision to force you to take the vaccine is the recent news that fully-vaccinated people can travel to the US (from the UK and Europe, but you probably won’t notice that).

Firetruck Dr Fauci and logic. You will be won over by Sawgrass Mills Mall.

BC Pires is tired of coddling fatally dangerous ignorance. Read the full version of this column on Saturday at Happy Bir’day Kai


"No vaccine against stupidity"

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