Penal man sues woman after paying support for child who isn't his

A 47-year-old Penal man has initiated legal action against a woman after he reportedly paid $18,000 in child maintenance for a child he did not father.

Newsday understands the man, from Mulchan Trace, Penal Rock Road, Penal, filed a petty civil action in the Siparia magistrate's court asking for a refund.

Petty civil claims are for sums under $50,000 and can be heard in a magistrates court.

The man paid two lump sums of $9,000 from his bank account to the boy, who was born last June, but became suspicious when he realised the child did not resemble him.

He later acquired a copy of the child's birth certificate and realised he was not listed as the boy's biological father.

Speaking with Newsday, the man's attorney, Jeevan Rampersad, confirmed the paperwork had been filed in the court.

Rampersad said once the documents have been completed, they will be served on the woman by a court bailiff and she will be given an opportunity to file a defence and admit or deny the claim.

In the default summons filed by Rampersad, the man said he paid for milk, diapers, health care, clothing and cereal for the child.

It claimed last July the woman told him she was staying in Tobago with the child and asked for $9,000, which he sent from his bank account. She returned to Trinidad two days later.


"Penal man sues woman after paying support for child who isn’t his"

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