Tobago cop condemns reckless driving after 'serious accident'


Acting Insp Alicia Piggott, police media ambassador of the Tobago division, has condemned the reckless driving on the road when curfew is approaching.

On Tobago Channel 5 morning programme on Monday, Piggott said there was a smash-up on Sunday evening which resulted in several people being hospitalised.

“We also had a serious accident coming close to dusk, about 100 meters away from the Signal Hill traffic lights. There are several persons who are at the hospital who are seeking assistance from the doctors and nurses, but we continue to ask persons to pay particular attention on the roadway,” Piggott said.

She said according to reports, the driver of a Nissan B13 overtook a line of cars heading east then collided with several other vehicles. She said the driver of a Nissan Cube that was involved in the accident was seriously injured.

“We’re asking persons, yes, we know that you want to get home; you may be working at places where it is far from your home, but you have to make an arrangement with your employer to have you leave work at a particular time to get home."

She also lamented the last-minute rush at the gas station in Crown Point.

“The gas station closes at 8pm and the only time people feel to go to the gas station is at 8pm, and then you form this long line and when the persons at the gas station tells you that it is closed, then you quarrel with them – but they have to get home too. You also have to get home.”

Piggott said there was minimal crime on the island on the weekend.

She noted one incident of praedial larceny of avocados.


"Tobago cop condemns reckless driving after 'serious accident'"

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